What are you manifesting?

what are you manifesting?

I did have an idea for a blog post commenting on something I saw today in ptc land. But I believe my good friend Tom Wacker already has a post in mind.

So instead I’m gonna talk about listening to audio that stimulates your mind, I know some of you are gonna think it’s crazy talk, but I’m telling you now, this stuff does really work, especially manifesting things.

Basically the principle is what ever you think will manifest its self. So what I’m saying is if you want a good prosperous day ahead, then think some positive thoughts and the day will be prosperous.

So let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about these type of audios

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5 thoughts on “What are you manifesting?”

  1. Hey, Richard.

    I’ve been using (whatever you want to call it) for years. It certainly works for me. Although the Maserati hasn’t appeared yet…

    True story: I pinned a picture just over my front door of the Motorcycle I lusted for. Every time I went out, I touched the picture. I took the picture down because I am riding it now…

    Great post my friend. Makes me think.

  2. HI Richard I truly believe in this type of thinking! We can make things happen if we think about and work at it. Although I don’t know if it can happen that very day all of the time. I have noticed if I am watching negative TV shows my sales go down and so does my spirit. I shouldn’t be watching TV. I should be spending time chatting with others in the TE’s and getting to know them and working on Adkreator. So things got better when I quit watching so much TV and workin g more in the TE’s, Chatting, sending out on the Mailers, and posting in forums like Jon suggests. We can control what happens in our life by the way we think. And a positive attitude is so important. I do need to put down on paper my goals more often and a picture of some kind like Tom did with his motor cycle! 🙂

    1. Thanks Nick,

      I was given some special audios by a friend yesterday, listened to the intro today, will be starting on the main audios tomorrow morning 🙂

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