Constructive Criticism


You know what, there isn’t enough constructive criticism out there.

I’m not part of the “fluffy bunny candy coating” brigade. If you’re going to be negative, don’t be an idiot.

If you see something wrong, say what you think is wrong then offer a possible solution.

We’re not in the playground, we’re in business, if something is wrong then offer a solution to the problem, not childish barbs at either the business you choose to be part of, or personal attacks on those that call you out.

See I called you an idiot, that’s not constructive is it, get my point?

So if you’re going to be negative, at least offer a solution.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

All the best


5 thoughts on “Constructive Criticism”

  1. Love this post Richard, I also find people can be blinkered into something negative they see within a system, program or business and in so doing miss all the positives that totally out weigh the negative that is stopping them move forward, my solution, make a list of both when considering the options.

  2. Good one Richard! Short, sharp and straight to the point as usual. Constructive criticism is welcome is the only way people will learn and develop their skills. If you say something is good and it isn’t not only does that say you aren’t truthful but how does the other person gain anything from the experience. If you see anything wrong with what I do let me know, I want to grow and learn. I won’t be offended. The problem is too many people take offence at too little.

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