Actions speak louder than words


“Actions speak louder than words” is truer phrase more than ever.

People tend to take notice of action takers, not people who make excuses for why they’re not doing something and laying blame at other’s feet before taking a long hard look in the mirror.

I have found myself foolishly locking horns with the people who like to stick their thumbs up their butts, or gaze at the their navels, than going out there and taking action. That has been a wasted few days.

It feels like I’ve been hitting my head against a brick wall, but hey, I’m gonna practice what I preach and blame myself for trying to get those people to listen, when they’d rather point the finger at other people than fixing the problem themselves.

So what I’m gonna do from now on is let my actions do the talking.

So over the coming days, weeks and months, you are going to see a ton of screenshots, videos of me taking action in all of the business opportunities I’m part of right now.

You might scream “oooh that’s a scam”, “ooh that’s a ponzi”, if you’re thinking that, then your comments aren’t welcome here, this is for action takers, if you like what you see in the screenshots and videos and see me making money, then come and join me.

Just don’t sit there thinking the world owes you a living, it doesn’t.

2014 is the year of taking action, amongst many other things.  2014 isn’t the year of sticking your thumbs up your butt and accepting things aren’t going to change. Be with people who are making the changes.

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6 thoughts on “Actions speak louder than words”

  1. Saw your link in the CSN chat room so thought I would check it out before making comment in the room on whether or not the link should have been posted, I love the fact that you have made this open for others to read as in it’s self it is action as its fare to easy to say these things to our self but as we are the only one that know we do not then have to live up to it, I myself say Run with those that Run do not sit with those that sit, good luck to in 2014 I for one will watch you and hold you to the content of your post.

    1. Thanks Neville,

      As I said I wasted a few days that I could have spent on doing something productive. 🙂

  2. Well Richard, you are in action, and that counts for a lot. And it doesn’t really matter than some aren’t listening…I don’t think that’s the point…because the negative seems to be the tip of the iceberg but there is a lot of positive unseen below. We can never really judge the magnitude of our actions because they spread out like the proverbial rings in the water wider and wider and further from our point of action with effects unseen by us. You never know when your action saves a life.

    I look forward to what is ahead from you Richard.

    Good work.


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