The dot is going bye bye and other stuff

The dot is going bye bye

You’re all probably wondering what I’m babbling on about.

TwitterLogo_#55aceeWell earlier this week twitter made a few announcements that they were going to make some changes mainly to the way the 140 character limit is implemented.

One of the things not related to the 140 character limit is that they’re going to address is the anomaly of replying to another tweeter.

For some unknown reason twitter made it that when you replied to someone on twitter, not all your followers would see that reply.

Only those followers who followed you AND the person you were replying to would see that reply.

So everyone started putting a dot/period/full stop, (whatever you call it) at the beginning of the tweet (before the name of the person you’re replying to), so this would ensure all their followers would see that reply.

Now joy of joys, twitter will be changing it so all your followers can see that reply instead of having to use the work around I mentioned above.

One more thing is that twitter will be enabling the retweet button on your own tweets so you can obviously now retweet or quote your own tweets.

Okay now on to the other good stuff this time related to the 140 character limit.

Twitter are no longer going to count the following in the 140 character limit

  1. When you’re replying to a tweet, the username of the account you’re replying to will no longer count in the total

2. Links to blog posts, images etc, will no longer be counted.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Periscope commenters

Hey everyone,

Wanted to fire off this quick blog post as a little word of warning.

You are guaranteed to get some who make crude comments on your scopes.

Well all my scopes are permanently and automatically posted to

This means my scopes do not disappear after 24 hours, they are there for everyone to see whilst is in existence, this includes the comments.

So if you don’t want to be embarrassed or want your boss or who ever to see what crudeness you have posted then please stop thinking you’re being clever and take a few more seconds to think before commenting.

Have an awesome day!!!

To all the haters

To all the haters,

In the time it takes you to send me venom filled, immature comments to the posts I make here, or any of my other blogs, or on any other platform. You could have been making money.

In between those barbs, you claim to know better than me and my friends in the network marketing industry. If that is the case you wouldn’t  have the need to hide behind a cloak of anonymity by posting under a hilarious false name to make allegations and sometimes down right rude and disgusting comments.

This is not just about MyAdvertisingPays, this is about the industry as a whole.

If you have been burned in the past, I feel your pain. I’ve backed the wrong horse several times over the years in this industry.

The difference between me and you is:

I didn’t become bitter and twisted because I’d lost a lot of money. Instead I got up, dusted myself down and started again.

I don’t resent others success, there isn’t a jealous or envious bone in my body, if I want something someone else has, I don’t sit there crying on the sofa, I go out there and I work to get it.

I don’t take myself seriously, hence the goofy videos on facebook, youtube, vine etc… You may think it’s pathetic, but hey I’m putting the real me out there, not hiding behind a false name. It shows I don’t take myself seriously.

I don’t publish your comments because you claim that you’re telling the truth. I don’t want to embarrass you or sully my blogs with downright disgustingness. Sure I drop a few f-bombs here and there because I’m passionate about what I do. Not because I want to do it to insult others.

We do not prey on the weak and vulnerable, if anything we discourage anyone from joining any online business opportunity if it’s going to take money off the table for rent or feeding your family, or heating your home.

We do what we do to help others, not to fill our own pockets, no matter what perception you my have of us.

If anything it isn’t me or my friends that need to wake up and smell the coffee, to find out who needs to wake up, take a hard long look in the mirror.

Rant over!!!

Totally engrossed

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re having an awesome 2016 and everything is going to plan so far this year.

Now on to the subject of this post.

Do you ever find yourself totally engrossed in something that other things seem to be put on to the back burner? I don’t mean taking your eye off the ball on other important things going on in your life.

My worst thing this past week and a bit into 2016, I’ve been neglecting the dishes, I just end up forgetting to wash them up.

The fresh batch has been festering in the sink for the past 3 days!!!

So let me know in the comments below what you’ve neglected to do this week because you’ve been totally engrossed in something else.

Have an awesome day!!!

Happy Christmas!!!

Hey Everyone,

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.

I may be sending Christmas alone again this year. However the biggest difference is, I’m not living in a single room sharing facilities with complete strangers.

This means I can relax a lot more, heck I can walk around in my birthday suit if I really wanted to.

So enough of my ramblings

Happy Christmas!!!

Change of focus and energies for 2016


Hey Everyone,

It’s been nearly 2 months already since my last entry in this blog.

As the title says, I’ll be changing my focus and energies in 2016. I’ll still be doing the stuff that makes me money online, but instead of trying to recruit people into the stuff I’m doing.

I’ve decided to get myself into a position where I’m comfortable (income wise) so then I can help people without them having to reach into their pockets and buy stuff from me (only if they want to and they don’t feel forced in to it).

I’ll also be giving back to those that have helped me over the years, in my darkest moments (there have been quite a few).

Basically 2015 has been a complete washout for me, healthwise, not as heavy as some of my friends have been going through this year, but it’s still a big deal for me, as I hate not being active as I should be.

I’m going to be doing a whole load more cool stuff online especially around Snapchat, Beme, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll be pumping out a whole more audio, I’ve been experimenting with soundcloud, so get ready for some really long audio shows.

I’ll still be sharing shorter bursts via audioboom and voicebo.

Check out my about me page, it lists all of the places you can find me online, there’s an “About Me” widget in the left hand side bar. Just recently updated it.

So here’s to an awesome 2016 let’s rock!!!

All over the place!!!

For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook. You’ll know that yesterday I spent the whole day in hospital waiting to have my wisdom tooth removed under general anaesthetic.

So lets say my routine is all over the place. I’m writing this blog post at 03.54 BST (British Summer Time) here in the UK.

Because I only had around 1 hrs sleep yesterday. I decided at 5pm to go to bed for a couple of hours, so I took a couple of co-codomal to manage the pain in the my jaw.

Before I knew it is was 10pm, so I just dediced to stay in bed and woke up again at 1.50 am, hence the video I captured straight to youtube below

Grand Central, Birmingham

2015-09-26 11.08.40Okay so this morning I decided to head out to Birmingham to check out the replacement for the Pallisades shopping centre called “Grand Central”.

This place is so big now, you could spend a couple of hours in there and never leave the confines of New Street station.

There seems to be more food outlets than ever, good variety of food available though,  definitely will try the food the next time I’m in there.

Good to see a book store in there called “Foyles“, about time Waterstones had some competition, alas it’s not open yet.

There are load of photos up on my instagram feed.

The only downside to my experience is the queueing system. You have to double back on yourself at least 4 times before you can take the up escalator. Hopefully this is only a temporary measure as parts of it are still receiving some finishing touches.

All in all a great place to visit, it’s really put Birmingham back on the map again and once the metro is running in the city centre, will be easily accessible from the outlying towns/cities and also will make getting round Birmingham city centre a doddle.

Giving up alcohol


no-alcohol-beyond-this-pointI thought I’d share this facebook status I posted earlier today:

This is no joke, I have now officially given up alcohol.

I never used to drink that much in the past. So if you want me to come on a night out socialising, please do not try and force me to drink alcohol, please respect my wishes.

I was using alcohol as a crutch to break down barriers in a social situation, for example drink a few pints then get up on the dance floor and make a prize pratt of myself.

If you see me sitting down on my own is because by nature I’m introverted, it takes very rare situations to bring me out of my shell straight away.

The reason why I appear to be extroverted at work is because I have worked with the same people for over 18 months, so you build up a relationship and confidence over a period of time.

There is also a darker side, I don’t suffer fools gladly, if I’m terse or abrupt with you at work, it’s not necessarily because I don’t like you, it’s basically because you’re in my way of me doing my job.

It’s not excuse for being a grade a asshole at times, but hey that’s the reality.

I’m learning to be more patient/tolerant. It just takes a long time to undo 30+ years of “old school” thinking. What I mean by that is you’re being paid to do a job for 8 hours a day/40 hours per week and I expect you to work the majority of it.

There have been brief periods in my life where I have gone out of my way to help people without giving it a second thought.

Then you get burned by people you thought you knew and trusted.

So as I said, it’s going to take a long time to lead a care free life and not care about what people think and to once more to see life through the eyes of a child.

So bear with me through this transitional time, it’s nothing personal against you, just me.

Bringing another perspective to the world and beyond